Our proposal calls for a funding mechanism that will enable the redeployment of the hospitality workforce and ensure the continuity of food relief.

The staff in this sector are skilled at preparing, cooking and delivering food. Without intervention, their skills will not be used. Those restaurants and cafés will have eating areas, storage areas and kitchens sitting idle.
Those charities and not-for-profit organisations who rely on excess food and donations from restaurants, cafés and supermarkets to support vulnerable people in our community will no longer be able to support those who need it the most.
The trickledown effect is frightening.

We are proposing that a joint fund is established between Federal, State and Local Governments, providing access to food and meals for people in need.

Great initiative! Addressing many needs across the communities and employment sectors who are affected the most. It’s a great solution for government to implement. Let’s do this.


Prioritising those most vunerable in society – with limited funds and networks to support – whilst engaging businesses affected by the shutdown is a win/win situation.


The hysteria the media has created has caused the most vulnerable to miss out on necessary food and household items. The vulnerable cannot afford to bulk buy items and instead live week to week…


Important for food industry professionals to be retained and have income


The hospitality sector has resources that can help the community and is currently sitting idle