Humans have always evolved as a community, we rely on one another to move forward, and to overcome. What effects one, eventually effects all, so we should all be working to strengthen each other’s health and business during this time.


This proposal will provide food for people seriously affected by the COVID19 situation and ongoing employment for people and small businesses I’m particular in the hospitality and food sector, many are casual.


As an event venue owner, I have the kitchen facilities to support this. I would love for the opportunity for out chefs to be back at work doing what they do best.


Great initiative. I have lots of friends and colleagues who are out of work due to the shutdowns. Anything we can do to help them and the vulnerable people in our community is a win win.


An ethical food system that gives relief now for the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people is critical, as is the continued employment of the thousands of hospitality workers, and the eventual development of a sustainable food system. This proposal has my full support.


Because it makes bloody good sense, it’s pragmatic, practical, can produce tangible outcomes and with scale, achievable


Links two critical needs – food and retaining jobs – in a way that uses what we already have and maintains structures that we will need when the current crisis passes


I have recently let go half my staff and the remainder are working job share arrangement ms to help the business survive this time. Those without jobs and those with will struggle to pay living expenses and buy food. This response addresses these issues rapidly and can easily be mobilised with existing under-utilised resources.


This is a fabulous proposal as it is a practical way of keeping our hospitality industry running and ensuring Australians still have access to meals. It would support small businesses to keep employing staff.


This is sensible economics and supports two groups of vulnerable people by connecting them with the government providing an easy and quick enabling platform.


Key industry and one of Victoria’s largest employers + food is at the heart of what we are!


It seems such a sensible proposal, one that targets the needy in our community, at the same time utilising existing skills, infrastructure and resources in an efficient manner.


This is what makes long-term sense!


I want to help vulnerable Australians.


My partner works in hospitality. While our financial situation is not precarious (I still have my job and we have some savings), there are so many in his industry who have no safety net. We need to support the financially vulnerable as well as the physically vulnerable.


I am an employee of STREAT and believe in the power that social enterprises can have in supporting our community, coming together as a community is something we need now more than ever.